Share Your Story

A testimony is your personal story about how you came to believe in Jesus.  Sharing your story in a general way provides encouragement and inspiration to others – both current Christians as well as seekers. It also helps you to be more prepared when you have an opening to witness to others.

If you have a desire to share your story, but find it hard to know where to begin, perhaps this information may help.

Many people find it effective to organize their story in a before, how and after format. Here are some suggestions for doing this:

  1. Before: In your testimony, you can share one or more gaps or needs that characterized your pre-Christian life. As you develop your story, you might list positive as well as negative solutions that you tried, avoiding sharing details about sinful behavior.
  2. How: Describe circumstances that caused you to consider Christ. Perhaps identify events that led to your conversion. This may have taken place over a period of time. Briefly explain the specific steps you took to become a Christian. If there is a particular passage of Scripture that applies here, you may want to use it.
  3. After: Review the needs or life patterns you shared in your “before” section. How has Christ helped or healed you? What has changed for you since becoming a follower of Christ?

Some additional tips:

  • Make it conversational. Use informal language.
  • Share; don’t preach. Say “I” and “me,” not “you.”
  • Avoid religious words, phrases, and jargon such as sin, born again, under the blood. Try to be as clear as you can. Your reader may have no religious background.
  • Generalize so more people can identify with your story. It’s better not to name specific churches, denominations or groups. Avoid using dates and ages.
  • Include some humor and human interest.
  • Adding one or two word-pictures can help your reader visualize the situation.
  • Explain how Christ met or is meeting needs in your life, but avoid implying that your struggles and problems ended at conversion.

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